Think on These Things

The Program

Date: June 21, 2014.
Filmed in Ojai, CA.

This video provides a brief overview of the Think on These Things Program of the Krishnamurti Foundation of America.

Can There be Happiness Without Pleasure?

Date: November 5, 2013.
Filmed in Ojai, CA.

Three young adults, between the ages of 19 and 34, were asked the question: Can there be happiness without pleasure? These are their answers.

Identity, Peace, and War

Date: September 19th, 2012.
Filmed in Huntington Beach, CA.

On September 19th, we drove to Huntington Beach to attend Golden West College’s International Peace Day celebration and to have a discussion with a group of students enrolled in courses examining peace as a global movement. Our conversation explored man’s propensity toward identification and war. We invited the people present to look at war as the external manifestation of an already present violence and conflict within ourselves, and suggested that if we inevitably identify ourselves with a larger group–a nation, a religion, a political ideology–war must then be inevitable too. We asked, “Where does this need to identify come from?”, and fundamentally, “Is peace possible, is any method toward peace going to lastingly work if we don’t see that the outer world in all its chaos and violence is a manifestation of our inner selves?”

Approaching Freedom

Date: May, 2012
Filmed in Ojai, CA.

This video was made for the Krishnamurti Foundation’s annual May Gathering. This year’s theme was “Approaching Freedom,” and this video features a collection of interviews with people all over Ojai responding to the question “What would it take for you to be completely psychologically free?”

What is Fear?

Date: May 2013

This video is a montage of images accompanying an excerpt of Krishnamurti’s interview with Alan Anderson (San Diego, 1970) on the subject of fear. This video was used as discussion material throughout the 2013 East Coast Tour.

Are We Wired to Compare?

Date: December 6th, 2011
Filmed in the University of California Los Angeles.

UCLA graduate students Darin (25) and David (25) reflect on why we have the seemingly natural instinct to compare. They examine whether there is a tendency that can be explained by our brain’s biological wiring. Is there value in the act of comparison? Is there something inherently negative about comparison? Do we learn when we compare?

On Listening

Date: July, 2011
Filmed in Ojai, CA.

Claire (24), Harmony (27), Keegan (26) and Journey (18) respond to the question “Is it possible to listen in an impartial way?”