Think on These Things

Engaging, questioning, examining ourselves and each other.

You may be in a moment in your life in which you are faced with impending decisions—decisions about your future, your livelihood, what you want, or what you wish for. Stress, fear, anxiety and insecurity may be present in all of us as we approach our life and the decisions we feel we need to make: What if, for three days, we left these decisions behind and instead examined why we feel compelled to make them in the first place? What are the assumptions we have about ourselves and about our life? How do these assumptions inform the way we are approaching our present circumstances? How are the beliefs we sustain about ourselves and others formed?

This program aims to look at what is present within us; at who we actually are as human beings and at the world we have created and are creating. Seeing and understanding who we are and what is alive in us, and sharing that authentically through conversation with others in a safe, supportive environment, has the power to transform us, and thus the world we live in, in fundamental ways.