Death And Rebirth Beyond Time

Death and Rebirth Beyond Time

October 13 - 20
A Unique 8-Day Intensive explore together Krishnamurti’s insights that point to the possibility of a transformation of consciousness.
Opposition- On Freedom And Opposition

Opposition - On freedom and fixation

October 4 - 6
Krishnamurti: "But there is great mystery if you go beyond the limitation of thought. But we don't do any of these things, we don't test it out, we don't apply, we don't eat the food that is put before us."
Krishnamurti Education And Poetry

Krishnamurti Education and Poetry

September 27-29
In this weekend retreat we will explore Krishnamurti's thoughts on education and immerse ourselves in poetry which has the potential to invite insight.
Coming To The Ultimate

Coming to the Ultimate: Science and the Ground of Being

September 9 - 13
Coming to the Ultimate Krishnamurti pointed out that the observer is the observed. Does this have any bearing on what science is observing and seeking in its endeavors to understand actuality? Is it possible that science, and we, tend to look through a conditioned perspective that in turn frames what is seen?

Washington DC Gathering & Dialogues

August 30 - September 2
This year’s topic is Identity. Does one see the actual danger of this self-centered occupation?
Saturday Dialogue

Saturday Dialogue

1st, 2nd & 3rd Saturday
Doors open at 3:45. Dialogue begins promptly at 4:00 p.m. and ends at 6:00 p.m.