Annual May Gathering 2018

May 12 - 13
A 2-day Public Program: Come to listen to speakers, participate in dialogues, attend workshops, or simply hang out at the Krishnamurti Center Ojai

Explorations Conference 2018

May 4 - 6
A 3-day Program: This conference features perspectives from Science, Humanities, and Krishnamurti on the theme of Relationship.

The Chaos of Consciousness and the Creation of Order

April 8 - 15
A 7-day Program with Zeenat Patel and Satish Telegar. This program is truly a journey of self-discovery.

Knowing and Unknowing

March 24, 2018
Evening program. A Talk by Ravi Ravindra titled: How can we remain in a state of unknowing?

Exploration into Insight: For Chinese Speakers

March 16-23
心灵探索之旅, 为中文读者举办的一周静修对话活动 A weeklong Retreat for Chinese speakers.

Yoga + Inquiry: Listening to the Unknown

March 2-4
Fully engage in yoga and self-inquiry in a reflective and sharing atmosphere.

Uncommon Collaboration

February 9 -11
A Weekend Retreat. David Edmund Moody will present and explore the collaboration between Krishnamurti and David Bohm.

Inquiry into the Extraordinary

January 22 - 26
An exploration of perception and how it defines our world.

Silent Retreat

January 12-14
This program is a unique opportunity to come together in silence at the Krishnamurti Center in Ojai, CA. The intention of this weekend program is to be a retreat in the deepest sense.

From Past to Presence

December 1 - 3
Can we observe what we actually are - which is what we have always been, and would forever like to be - as a process occurring now?