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Intern Student Program

The Intern Student program at the Krishnamurti Educational Center is a one year residential program aimed for young adults who after having finished High School or University want to explore the question “Who am I?” in a communal setting. This immersion program is for young adults from 18-30 years of age who have a strong interest in the works of Krishnamurti. Participants will live in basic camp-style housing.

Spring 2014 Interns


  • Having a strong interest in Krishnamurti's Teachings
  • Willingness to work 20 hours per week for room and board (including an optional $200/month stipend before taxes)
  • Age range between 18 and 30
  • Interns must be eligible to work in the U.S. in order to participate in the Program. Because we receive a large volume of international applicants and simply do not have the resources, we are unfortunately not able to sponsor people through any work visa/permit process.

Program Structure

  • The Program runs for one year.  There are two possible start dates, one in August and one in January.  Generally the KEC requires a commitment for the full year.
  • Individual study of Krishnamurti's work.  Each student chooses a topic for the year and uses that to focus their study, they present their study at the May Gathering.
  • Regular study programs that focus on specific topics.
  • Engaging in dialogue with each other and with the many "scholars" who pass through the Krishnamurti Educational Center each year.
  • Care for the grounds and building accommodation (using materials that have low impact on the environment and using alternative technologies).
  • This program tends to challenge people in various areas, which is not always comfortable, but is usually illuminating.  One of the intents of the program is to provide the space to explore as these moments arise.

Intern Work

For the 20 hours of work a week, interns will take turns cooking lunches for themselves and the staff, and they will also be trained to work in two or more of the following areas for the entire duration of their year stay:

  • Online book sales/processing library sales
  • Pepper Tree Retreat – cleaning/breakfast
  • Landscaping/grounds & building/maintenance
  • Assisting in Publications
  • Data Entry
  • Miscellaneous Tasks

Intern Accommodations

The intern sleeping quarters are very small, and most interns will share a small room with one other person. There are many larger public spaces which the interns are welcome to utilize, as well as the ample outdoor areas which are a part of the KEC, but their personal space is very limited.

How to Apply

To apply for the program, download the application form [doc], fill it out and send it to the email address listed in the document.

If you have questions regarding the program, please contact us via email or call 805-646-2726 ext. 810.

Intern Program Philosophy [PDF]

Program Summary [PDF]
Application Form [DOC]