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To use the forum: 1) request the creation of a new account by clicking Register and sending us an email with your desired username 2) new users will be e-mailed a random password within three business days. They can then log in and change this password in their profile if they see fit. This feature also requires users to verify new e-mail addresses if they choose to change from the one they registered with 3) click Dialogue Forum link to enter the dialogue forum 4) click on an existing thread or post a new topic 5) enjoy the dialogue.....
Kindly be mindful of the following points regarding the forum. Dialogue is thinking together - it isn’t debate - and it's inquiring together without end point or agenda. People come into the dialogue from their own place of understanding, which is not going to be your place of understanding. We’re here to communicate together, learn together and gain insight into our own thought; to receive and share our observations, not impose our views on others. Address the comments in a polite, considerate manner. By all means, ask for clarification, but challenge the comment, not the commentator. We don’t know enough about the others to make those judgments and we’re here to learn about ourselves, not to correct another's perceived personality flaws. If a comment brings an emotional response, look at that. Do you feel the need to defend? To attack? Time for some looking inward. Self protection results in war. Besides, the war is in each of us. Stop that war, and the rest will take care of itself. (For some suggestions on the nature of dialogue, please click here)

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