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Events Calendar

Krishnamuti Educational Center
Ojai, California


Theme Weekend: The Challenge of Sorrow
with Francesca Michelle Lies and Cory Fisher
January 30 - February 1


Yoga and Inquiry Retreat
with Rowan Lommel
February 18 - 22


Theme Weekend: Is It Possible to Live in Peace?
March 13 - 15


Study Intensive & Retreat: Death, Renewal, and the Creative Mind
with Richard Waxberg and Deborah Kerner
April 12 - 19


Annual May Gathering 2015
The World Within
May 2 - 3


Explorations into Freedom Intensive: Re-Discovering the Timeless Unburdened Mind
with Richard Waxberg and Deborah Kerner
June 21 - 28


Teacher Education Program
Re-envisioning Education, and the Craft of Teaching and Learning
July 19 - 26
Theme Weekend
January 30 - February 1

“Can one remain with that pain? Can I look at that pain, hold it, hold it as a precious jewel not escape, not suppress, not rationalize it, not seek the cause of it, but hold it as a vessel holds water? Hold this thing called sorrow, the pain, that is, I have lost my son and I am lonely, not to escape from that loneliness, not to suppress it, not to intellectually rationalize it, but to look at that loneliness, understand the depth of it, the nature of it.” 
- Krishnamurti